Meet our Local Producers

A true farm to table experience. During this class you will go to the farm and meet the lovable goats that produce the main ingredent for our cheese.  After our time with the animals we return to La Belugue to learn the art of goat cheese making

The Farm to Table Expereince

My dream for retirement was to move to Northern California, and make goat cheese.

Well life guided me down another path to the South of France and turns out it is goat cheese heaven!

During this class you will  truly have the farm to table experience. We will visit the goats and learn about how our local producers nurture these beautiful animals to produce top shelf milk for cheese production. We will then take some freshly harvested milk back to our kitchen at La Belugue and learn about all the different variations of goat cheese and you will have the opportunity to make your own fresh goat cheese. 

Light local snacks are included paired with local wines.  


We welcome you to our home, La Belugue.